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Kasey Cross - RYT 200

Holistic Yoga Teacher


Practice your Truth.



It's yoga -- plain and simple.

Intuition is that grand thing that connects us to the Divine. During your yoga class, we will bring the Divine straight to your mat.

Each of my yoga classes are specially intuited in the moment, so no two will ever truly be the same. It is this intuitive movement that will connect your body to your energetic life force, or "prana," thus giving you a greater ability to find balance and inner peace in your day to day life.

There are no judgments in my yoga class, and I especially love working with beginners. My firmest belief is that every body is a yoga body, regardless of skill level. It is my mission to guide you to alignment, Authenticity and, ultimately, freedom.

All of my offerings are LGTBQIA+ friendly. 

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Whether you are looking to build strength, deepen your existing practice, increase your flexibility, or simply unwind, yoga has you covered. Through mindful motion and an intuitive flow designed specifically for your energy, together we will move through a fluid practice that will leave you feeling stronger, centered, and open to the beauty of life's ups and downs.

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Tarot cards are a wonderful tool for getting in touch with your specific energy and how it is impacting your current life. I love to use my cards to theme a yoga class, and also to simply check in with where I am in my current journey.

While there is a lot of misinformation shrouding tarot, the cards are only a phsyical medium to witness your energy in action. A reading can be focused on a specific aspect of your life or just read for your energy in general.

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For the boho moon goddesses, I have created a collection of small-batch, bespoke mala beads. These malas are hand-tied in Southern California and blessed under the month's full moon with an intuited, divine prayer. These one-of-a-kind malas are the perfect supportive energetic tool in your spiritual practice, and with only a few made each month you can be sure that your mala is a sacred artisan treasure.

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"Satya" is one of the five Yamas of yoga, and it is the Sanskrit word for "Truth."

I struggled with finding my Truth and Authenticity for a long time. Through bad loves and bad jobs I was blindly navigating my way through life, just hoping and praying it would work out. Then, in the winter of 2018, I hit a real rock bottom. I was car-less, jobless, about to lose my apartment, and had just suffered a serious heartbreak. Somehow, in the middle of all of this, the Universe dropped a yoga teacher training in my lap and I knew I had to go. It was there, against the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, that I faced my Authenticity for the first time. It was so liberating, so joyful, and yet so challenging and painful at the same time.

Since then, I have found my passion for lighting the way for others to face their own Authenticity. My practice has allowed me to manifest more into my life than I ever believed possible, including a loving and supportive partner, a cross country move to San Diego, and now this.

2020 has been a challenge for all of us, but without my connection to yoga and spirituality I truly do not know where I'd be right now. 

My practice is geared toward the expression of Truth and acceptance through movement. Each yoga class is specially intuited for my students, so that I am able to best provide you exactly what you need to do, hear, or feel at that specific moment.  



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"You can do it like it's a great weight on you.
Or you can do it like it's part of the dance."

Ram Dass