Need help finding direction? I use an array of communication and energetic skills to provide services that give you the tools for alignment and conscious living. These sessions are 1-on-1 and can take place in person or over video conference so that I can provide my clients with all of the flexibility they need.


Do you feel disconnected? Do you feel at a loss for direction, either in your career, your love life, or just in general? Are you interested in taking a more holistic approach to your mental health? The Clarity Sessions are designed to be used as stand-alone coaching sessions or bolsters to an existing therapy practice. These sessions are centered around The Clarity Method, which I designed based on a combination of therapeutic techniques and yogic philosophy. Through a one hour conversation, we will unpack whatever blockages may be holding you back from accessing your most Authentic Self. Together we will peel back the layers that have been dimming your inner light and uncover the path that you were meant to walk all along.

$30 per session


Tarot cards are physical mediums that allow us to witness the motion of our own energy throughout certain experiences within our lives. Tarot is an excellent tool for navigating big changes, decision-making, and checking in with the general tone of our energy at the moment. Tarot is great on its own or used in conjunction with a Clarity Session. Readings can be done in person or over video conference.

$20 stand-alone reading, $15 add-on


The word "yoga" means "to yoke" or "to join together." Through the motions of asana we are able to join the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each of my flows are intuitive and based solely on the energetic needs of my student in that moment. Prior to your class, we will discuss what your body has been craving (either emotionally or physically) and work from there. These lessons are primarily 1-on-1, but small group options are available as well. This service is excellent on its own or in conjunction with a Clarity Session.

$45 one-hour class. Additional charge of $5 per student past two students. This service is only offered in-person.

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