Whether you are looking for a yoga class or tarot reading, I use a combination of intuition and communication to give you the tools for alignment and conscious living.

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The word "yoga" means "to yoke" or "to join together." Through asana, we are able to join the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Prior to your class, we will discuss what your body has been craving (either emotionally or physically) and work from there. These lessons are primarily 1-on-1, but small group introductory classes are available as well.

You can start the process for booking on the "Upcoming Classes" page. RSVP for the "Yoga Class, In Person" option, and fill out your information in the form. I will email you back to set up your day, time, and location. 

*Home studio limited to one student private lessons. Mask required. Please bring your own mat to all classes.

*Small groups may offer their own location, or class will be held in an agreed-upon outdoor public space. 

45 minutes -- $40

1 hour -- $60

90 minutes -- $100

Small group introductory class: $10 per head for minimum 6 students

Yoga Class


Maybe you're looking to make a regular practice out of your yoga classes. These classes are all 1 hour long classes. For a monthly membership, these are my options for small group classes (6-10 people) and private lessons:

Small Group Membership, 8 classes a month: $104/month

Private Membership, 6 classes a month: $240/month

Private Membership: 8 classes a month: $320/month 

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Tarot cards are physical mediums that allow us to witness the motion of our own energy throughout certain experiences within our lives. Tarot is an excellent tool for navigating big changes, decision-making, and checking in with the general tone of our energy at the moment. 

Readings are currently done via distance, and I will email you a PDF of your card interpretation 2-3 business days after full payment is received. 

$20 per reading