Resilience: The Importance of Energetic Rest

Recovery is a part of life. It’s so obvious, I know, but it’s something that we are constantly forgetting about!

Our society tells us to Go! Go! Go! Do more! Create more! Even as spiritual people, we can feel the pressure to be putting more and more of our energy out there. We have to have “power mornings” where we get up before the dawn, meditate, practice, drink a green smoothie, clean out our inbox, and somehow get our hair into the perfect messy bun and match the sports bra to the leggings for the classic Yoga Lady Look all before 9 a.m. We push ourselves to journal more, pray more, read more tarot, practice more challenging asanas, and publish more content. We strive, strive, strive and then we forget to do the one thing we came here to do: just be.

Breathe. Recovery is a part of life. Can I say that enough?

Whether we’re launching a business, or we’ve just fallen deep back into the depths of pain, we’ve all got things that are zapping our energy and I’m here to tell you if you’ve been running on fumes for the past few days, it’s okay to take a break. Sometimes the real work begins when we stop working.

It takes work to tell your brain “it’s time to be quiet now.” It takes real work to find relaxation. But this is some of the most important work we can do for ourselves, because as the old adage goes: you cannot pour from an empty cup.

In fact, some of the most important work that we, as Truthseekers, do in the first stages of the Clarity Sessions is relax and rejuvenate (or as I call it, “go on an energetic vacation.”) This work clears out the flotsam and jetsam that has floated into our energetic fields and clouded up the flow. Once we clear out our energy we can again be ready to climb that mountain and grab the brass ring. But until then, let us all practice a little more bramacharya and be more conservative in using our energy wisely.

This time of year, particularly, is an important one for allowing rest. Maybe you’ve been chasing your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re still honestly worn out from the holidays. Maybe the cold, gloomy weather is keeping you inside. Be gentle with yourself. If a child had a cold we wouldn’t tell him to “walk it off” and have him run a 5k to get better. We’d wrap him up in a blanket and feed him broth and let him sleep. Ah, that restorative sleep.

My advice? Get a sleep mask, and get a routine. Try to go to bed a little earlier every night if you can. Enforce “silent evenings” where you turn off your phone, turn off the TV, turn off the music speaker, put down the books and the lists and just enjoy the quiet stillness of the evening.

And more than anything, accept for yourself that it’s okay to not be operating at 100% all of the time. Accept that to rest is just as much “real work” as working is. If you never slept, you’d eventually wear out and shut down. Same goes for your energetic field and your mind: just let them rest.

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