The Great Awakening: 2020

No doubt you’ve heard a lot of chatter lately about big, astronomical awesomeness coming this way on December 21, 2020. But with this event comes a whole mess of information. And likely, the buzz has left you a little burnt. So what does all this chatter about 12/21/20 mean? Let me break it down for you.

First and foremost, let me tell you this post is taking an astrological bend. If you’re looking for the astronomical significance, look elsewhere. Here we are getting into the energetics of this conjunction and the coming Age of Aquarius.

Astrology, and why it matters (or doesn’t)

A little background on my love of astrology: there are a lot of feelings out there about astrology. And here’s my opinion on it: I like to believe in astrology. It might be true, it might not. Does it matter either way? Nope. So I, like you, believe in and enjoy believing in astrology.

Sitting on the beach a few weeks ago, I found myself thinking about the moon and the tides. And I thought, if something that small can have that big of an impact on our ocean, who are we to believe that these celestial things aren’t connected to everything on this Earth? And everything on each other? We are a solar SYSTEM. We are working together. And with everything made of tiny vibrating molecules, giving off their own frequencies, it just makes sense that these frequencies overlap and work off of each other. Thus, astrology comes into play.

What’s a Conjunction?

Now, astronomically, this is a big event. Jupiter and Saturn are conjuncting, meaning that they are mathematically occupying the same point in the sky according to us observers here on Earth. From here, they’ll line up at 0 degrees and their combined brightness will look like one really big star.

The Age of Aquarius

As for the Age of Aquarius rumors, they’re just that: rumors. There’s a lot of deliberation between astrologers about the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, because an astronomical age is so long and not exact. Some believe the Age of Aquarius already started, back in the sixties. Some believe it’s 120 years from now. Some believe tomorrow is the start date. Regardless, it’s clear the energy is changing.

The preceding age (whether we are currently in it, or were most recently in it) is the Piscean Age. Pisces is the end of the zodiac wheel. It is deeply feeling, and more concerned for the individual than the collective. Pisces values money, control, and power. It is represented by the fish, as well as monotheism (whaaaaattt? Is your brain exploding with connecting dots right now?).

Aquarius is about the individual supporting the collective. It is about intellectualism, growth, and technology. Aquarius is a harmonic epoch, and gives life to imagination birthing a new world.

So are we going to wake up on December 21 with super powers?

Astrological ages are gradual, there is no hard start and stop. We won’t wake up on December 21 as our new and improved Aquarian selves, replete with advanced technological super powers and a powerful conscience for the collective. That being said, we are DEFINITELY in an age of upheaval and transition.

Note the massive technological changes that began with the sixties and tumbled beyond imagination up until now. Notice how 2020 exposed the cracks of society, and where individuals had put the needs of themselves above the needs of the collective. The crumbling Piscean age is showing us what vibrations and energies are not welcome in the new paradigm of Aquarius. Selfishness, old ways, and stodgy government are not a vibe that Aquarius can get down with, and thus will likely just take it right out. Hooray!

And now, at the end of a year that has bestowed significant, painful, clarity on the masses, we get our final gift: The Great Conjunction.

The Main Players: Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn is now moving from Capricorn, it’s ruler, into Aquarius. Saturn is considered a hard teacher, astrologically. That’s why your natal Saturn return in your late twenties is significant. For some, their world crumbles when they’ve refrained from walking their true path. For others, they are rewarded for the good discipline of a job well done.

Saturn represents rules, regulations, government, and tradition. Saturn is constrictive, and demands discipline. Jupiter, on the other hand (my favorite and ruling planet, hey Sagittarius) is the planet of luck, openness, expansion, blessings, and spiritual insight – aka “the fun planet,” IMO. Their conjunction in Aquarius means they are about to be embroiled in battle for the next year while they traverse the same astrological waters.

Saturn wants you to grow and take ownership of your life, sometimes through trials. Saturn holds you accountable, and demands you take responsibility for yourself. Saturn throws you right into the driver’s seat, whether you’re ready or not. If you haven’t done the work, you’ll know it when Saturn breaks your foundation apart and demands you rebuild. However, if you’ve put in the work to grow and expand, Jupiter will come to bless you.

If we don’t get superpowers, what’s going to happen?

In this coming year of conjunction, we focus on our spiritual pursuits. We get in touch with our dharma. We let go of the old ways (tradition, the unquestioned way of doing things) and embrace new ideas, insight, intuition, and revolution. Have you ever heard the phrase, “a rising tide lifts all ships”?

This year we experience serious expansion and contraction all at once, not unlike a literal birth. Ask yourself, what is it that you are birthing this year? What blessing will you be gifted with when the hard work is over?

Ok, that’s nice, but what does it mean for me?

As I always say when discussing signs with my astrologically unseasoned friends: it all depends on your birth chart. While the critics may say astrology’s downfall is that it’s too general, this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, nothing about astrology is general. Consider astrology to be a system of formulas, each planet and each placement represents a value and your birth chart is the equation where the values play together. The answers come from working it out.

Specifically, these points will feel this conjunction the most fully this year:

Aquarius: Sun, Moon, or Rising

Capricorn: Sun, Moon, or Rising

Pisces: Sun, Moon, or Rising

Sagittarius: Sun, Moon, or Rising

Whoo! I am getting a triple hit of this conjunction, as a Sagittarius Sun & Moon, Capricorn Rising. You’ll also feel this conjunction in your Saturn or Jupiter placements, so be sure to consult your chart there.

To sum it all up:

More than anything else, this conjunction is The Great Awakening. This year we will be witnessing a shift in the collective consciousness, and if you are a Light Worker this is something you’ve been anticipating for a while and maybe have already taken note of the small changes happening. Aquarian themes will be noticeable until Saturn departs in 2023.

Expect that now is the time people are ready to rise up against old, outdated Saturnian paradigms. The collective is rising up and embracing the wondrous, the new, the spiritual, and the brilliant. This is a time of science and spirit merging as one to lift the tide of the whole planet.

Also notable:

The conjunction occurs at 0 degrees. In astrology as well as math and science, 0 represents the table of new beginnings.

The conjunction is happening on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the day that represents the world once again returning from the dark into the light.

How do we harken this new age in?

For me, I’ll be using mediation and candles to honor this conjunction and the Solstice simultaneously. Break out the candles and the holiday lights and set up a sacred space to celebrate the return of the light!

In addition, focus on the Third Eye and Crown chakras, as Aquarius is an air sign. Practice some Kundalini kriyas if you really want to feel some lift-off, and then grab your favorite ethereal crystal (it’s the Angel Aura Quartz, for me) place it on your Third Eye and take a deep dive into your connection with Spirit. As a journaling exercise, prepare some questions you’d like to ask Spirit before your meditation, then free write the answers after.

Above all, honor the entrance into this new paradigm. Whether it is the true doorway to the Age of Aquarius, we cannot know. But what we do know is that next year we will all be experiencing the extremes of challenges and blessings. Prepare yourself by thanking your body for navigating you through the waters of 2021, and expand your love beyond your own field of aura into collective consciousness.

As Ram Dass once said, “we are all walking each other home.”

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