Fall in love with my collection of small-batch, bespoke mala beads. These malas are hand-tied in Southern California and blessed under the month's full moon. The malas are true to form with 108 beads each, plus a 109th Guru bead at the base of the strand. The hand-tied spacing knots allow the mala to lay elegantly across the body.

Each batch is limited and unique, so you can be sure your mala is a sacred artisan treasure. Your mala will arrive with it's own linen carrying case and the prayer it was charged with so that you may recharge it under the full moon.


January 2021
Leo Full Moon

Embrace your divine purpose with the strength and courage of the Leo full moon, which represents creativity, prosperity, and passion.

Carnelian promotes courage and restores vitality and motivation. Rose Quartz opens your heart to all forms of love and enhances positive vibrations. Amazonite soothes aggravation and replaces it with love, peace, and prosperity. Tiger's Eye grounds and protects, and works beautifully with the red sandalwood to uplift and calm your soul. Pink sandstone stimulates the sacral chakra, your center of creativity, and enhances your artistic expression.

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December 2020
Cancer Full Moon

These small-batch, bespoke malas are the perfect accessory for any bohemian Goddess walking her path of light and self-devotion. This month's malas are made with the energy of Cancer in mind, and will allow the wearer to bring sanctuary wherever they go.

Honor your divine feminine through the energy of the Cancer full moon, which represents the home and provides nurturing energy.

Howlite stones bring calm to the wearer, and absorb negative energy. The pacific blue agate beads provide soothing support, and will guide you through your spiritual practice. Lava stone connects you to Mother Earth and provides stability in times of change, making this mala perfect for the new year. Tie these energies together with red sandalwood, which uplifts and calms the spirit.

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